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Spacious warehouse

Spacious warehouse

We provide different storages for products that need different temperature ranges, and monitor them daily. To ensure that we have good conditions for our storages (that is to keep them clean, flood free, and pest free), we perform regular maintenance on them. The storage protects the products from drastic changes in temperature and maintain an ideal humidity of 60-80 percent. The size and layout of the warehouses are compliant with the regulations permit. If any changes are needed, a distribution permit would be obtained from the local Provincial Health Office and local Balai POM by informing and submitting the documents of the changes to them.

We use excellent equipment in our storages to maintain good air circulation to preserve the health of the products that require special handling and monitoring systems.
The infrastructure and equipment used in our Branch warehouses also meet the minimum requirements that were set by the company.
We also conduct a maintenance program in our facilities and storages. These were written in detail which includes cleaning regiment and frequency.

We use the FIFO system to guarantee all inbound and outbound products to be in the best condition for our customers use.
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